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Don't Overlook Basic Health Care Plans

We speak to hundreds of small employers every week.
Basic health care plans are affordable.
We encourage you to consider these plans.

As a small employer (less than 50 employee), you are not required to offer group health insurance. Additionally, many of your employees qualify for federal premium subsidies - and if you offer a group health plan, they lose their eligibility for these federal premium subsidies. In most cases, these federal premium subsidies are higher than the employer contribution to a group health insurance. 

Here is an example: the employee (age 35) is a single mother of 2, and you are paying her $20 per hour (an annual income of $40,800 - generous). She would qualify for a monthly premium subsidy of $310. If you offer a group health plan, then she is NOT eligible for this subsidy. So unless you can afford to contribute more than $310 monthly towards her group health plan, she would be better purchasing individual health insurance.

So in many cases, individual health insurance is a better option.
However, there is something that you can do to help her.

The average deductible in the individual health insurance market is over $4,000.
You can easily help her afford health care that is applied to the deductible of her health plan.

Affordable indemnity plans help pay for basic health expenses.
For more information on these plans and benefits, Click Here.

These plans pay 1st dollar benefits before the health insurance deductible. For example, they can pay accident expenses 100% after only a small deductible of $100. The accident benefit is up to $5,000 per accident per family member. These plans pay up to $2,000 for a hospital admission. These plans have critical illness benefits (for heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.) up to $5,000, $7,500, and even $10,000. And there is more benefits for office visits, emergency room care, outpatient care, and much.

And these plans are affordable; ranging from $42 to $93 per month.
Very affordable.

So perhaps, it is more affordable to have your employees purchase individual health insurance.
But you can still make your employees employees by providing them important and affordable coverage.
For more information on these plans and benefits, Click Here.

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