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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Three out of four times, you can lower you health insurance costs.
Different plan design, different network, even a different carriers - and you can save money.
But the savings requires your time.

What other change can save $18,000?

Many times, employers can lower their insurance plan costs by over 10-15% (sometimes much more). If you can save 15% per employee, that can save your company up to $1,200 per employee per year (according to Kaiser Family Foundation data). If you have 15 employees, the total savings would be $18,000.

But.. change is change. 

It takes a little of your time to inform the employees, enroll the employees, make payroll deduction changes, etc.. 

However, that is our job.
Help you implement the changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Plus, even if we assume 5 hours of your time (an excessive estimate):
That would be $1,800 of savings per hour spent.

Webster's dictionary defines "inertia" as "a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged".
But change can be good, and is usually inevitable.
Hence, successful businesses (like yours) learn to manage change.

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Other ways are strategies that utilize HSA, HRA, or indemnity plans - Learn More

We encourage you to see the health insurance plan the way you see other things...
As an opportunity - to lower costs, to improve coverage, and perhaps make the employees a little happier.

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