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How Small Companies Can Compete With Big Businesses For New Talent

how-small-companies-can-compete-with-big-businesses-for-new-talent.jpgAs a small business owner or manager, you’re aware that competing with the “big boys” for new talent can be a challenge. However, there’s a startling secret that you’ll be pleased to discover: the big boys are worried about you, too.

It’s true! In large and enterprise organizations across the country, HR teams are struggling to cope with the fact that many of their top performers are leaving for small businesses. And they aren’t doing it to take a “step back” or because they aren’t cut out for life on the 30th floor.

Rather, it’s because just as small businesses win customers by offering things that large competitors don’t – such as enhanced personal care, responsiveness, tailored solutions, and in many cases a higher quality product or service at what is ultimately is a lower price – they can also win top talent by leveraging these 3 compelling advantages: 

  1. Greater Purpose

As noted by, the number one thing that employees want isn’t big bucks or lofty perks. Rather, they crave purpose. That is, they want to see that their contribution has meaning, and is part of a broader, grander and more important vision than what can be captured on a P/L statement. Small businesses are extremely well positioned to provide employees with this all-important sense of purpose, since they live and breathe it each day.

  1. More Flexibility 

Large organizations typically have very regimented protocols and policies – which may be good for operational efficiency, but that many employees find restrictive and frustrating. Small businesses, however, can offer employees a great deal of flexibility with respect to working hours, locations (e.g. remote work options), and more. For many employees – but particularly those with young children – this level of support is invaluable and highly appreciated.

  1. Self-Serve Benefits

Compared to their larger competitors, small businesses have traditionally been on the outside looking in with respect to offering benefits. However, these days things are dramatically different – and the field isn’t just level, but in some cases even tilts towards small businesses. Some of this is driven by a more competitive benefits marketplace, as insurers offer more creative and flexible packages and options. But the biggest aspect of this good news story is the emergence of online employee benefits software, which enables employees to browse and buy benefits – including voluntary benefits – that fit their changing lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Winning the war for talent is not the arduous, impossible task that you may perceive – because as noted above, large companies are worried about YOU; and possibly even more than you’re worried about them!

To really give your competitors something to worry about, contact Connected Benefits today. We’ll provide you with a guided live demo of our online employee benefits software, which is available FREE. Within two weeks or less, you’ll have substantially improved your small business’s ability to attract and retain the talent you need to grow. It really is that simple.

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